Lifetime Trade Up Guarantee

Whiteflash has been a driving force in the modern era bringing both quality and value to the online diamond shopper.
Our extremely popular 100% Lifetime Trade-Up Guarantee is another wonderful benefit of choosing a Whiteflash diamond.
While most trade-up programs have restrictions or burdensome requirements, the Whiteflash Trade-Up Benefit is simple and straight-forward. It allows you to purchase any diamond from our three in-house categories with the knowledge that you will have full stored value to use in the future should you ever wish to trade it for a different diamond. And with the biggest inventory of ideal and super ideal diamonds of any retailer anywhere, wonderful options for upgrades are plentiful.
Most jewelry stores do not even offer a written trade up guarantee, and those merchants that do usually require their customers to choose a new diamond that is 50% to 100% more expensive, or to increase size, color, clarity or particular combinations, often with very limited inventory options available. Still others require their customers to return to the store at regular intervals to have the diamond inspected in order to maintain the trade-up policy. Such a requirement is highly impractical for the internet shopper.
Whiteflash is very different. Ours is a hassle-free, no red tape, no fine print, customer- centric benefit. We make sure our program is the best in the business because we want to serve our customers in the way that is best for them. We know that a great trade-up program allows a shopper to buy comfortably within their budget today without compromising quality, and increase size when the time is right.
While many buyers plan on upgrading at some point in the future, others who never thought they would trade-up eventually do take advantage of the benefit. 5 year and 10 year anniversaries prove to be great opportunities for upgrades as tastes change and buying power increases. It’s a tremendous benefit to always have in your back pocket!
Below you will find our uncomplicated trade up policies clearly explained.

Whiteflash Diamonds

The purchase of any Whiteflash in-house certified diamond automatically qualifies you for our 100% Lifetime Trade Up Guarantee. We are so confident in the quality and value of the diamonds we buy for our stock that we offer this valuable benefit on all diamonds in our three in-house categories: A CUT ABOVE®, Expert Selection, and Premium Select.
You may trade your qualifying Whiteflash diamond at any time for any other single in-house diamond of equal or greater value. Credit will be given for full purchase price, less original shipping, for any qualifying trade up. Please note: All discounts applied to the original order will be taken off the trade-in credit for the diamond. Diamonds must be returned in original undamaged condition accompanied by original diamond laboratory certificate. (Any modifications, repairs or parts necessary to securely set the new diamond will be charged separately.) Shipping and insurance fees to send the original diamond in for a trade-up are the customer’s responsibility.
As with all Whiteflash products, your satisfaction is guaranteed.  If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the trade-up diamond you can return it and choose another.  If a desirable alternative is not in stock at that time, you will be issued a special trade-up credit  to be used to execute the trade when a diamond meeting your criteria comes into stock.
Diamonds in our Virtual Selection category and other diamonds that may be sourced for customers are not part of Whiteflash in-house inventory and are therefore not included in our Trade Up Guarantee. 
Please allow two weeks for lab verification and processing.

Designer Engagement Rings

In what may be a first in the jewelry industry, Designer Engagement Rings have been added to our Trade Up Benefit. Purchasers of designer rings who upgrade their diamonds may not be able to use the same setting, especially when changing the size or shape of the center diamond. This benefit is to help facilitate that process and make it less costly for the customer to execute an upgrade. However, it is not necessary to upgrade your center diamond in order to take advantage of our Designer Engagement Ring benefit.
All engagement rings from the collections of our designer partners Tacori, Verragio, Simon G, Ritani, A.Jaffe, Danhov, Vatche, Valoria, and Benchmark are eligible for trade up to any other single designer engagement ring of this group of designers that is equal to or greater in value. 50% of the original sale price for the item will be credited toward the new purchase.

Special Circumstances

In certain cases, because of timing or when the upgrade is a surprise, clients may wish to take delivery of the new trade up diamond before sending their original diamond back for credit. We can accommodate these requests with the following understandings:
The new diamond must be paid in full before it can be shipped. All returned diamonds must be sent to the certifying laboratory to verify they are in original condition. Upon lab verification a refund will be issued. Please allow approximately two weeks for the process to be completed and a refund issued.
International customers please note that duties or customs fees are not uniform from country to country and are ever-changing. Any such fees that may be applicable when shipping items back to us are the sole responsibility of the customer. As such, it is important that you consult with your local customs department and understand fully the procedures and costs involved for making a shipment to Whiteflash.
Trade up is initiated by contacting Whiteflash for assistance in purchasing the new diamond and for instructions on your return.

*Customer Loyalty discount is not in effect for trade-ups. Policies subject to change. Benefits based upon published policy at the time of purchase and posted on our website.
Last update 11/15/2021

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