The Whiteflash Virtual Selection Diamond Service

Virtual Diamonds Fancy Shapes

In addition to our extensive inventory of in-house diamonds in our area of specialization- certified AGS Ideal Round and AGS Ideal Princess Diamonds – Whiteflash also stocks a selection of  GIA certified hearts and arrows round diamonds. Our in-stock inventory can be found in our A CUT ABOVE®, Expert Selection, and Premium Select (GIA) categories, all of which are posted to our website with a full set of information and performance images, and are available for immediate purchase exclusively at Whiteflash.

For customers looking for diamonds other than those in our owned inventory, we offer thousands of diamonds in our Virtual Selection category. This category is comprised of the collective inventories of dozens of manufacturers with whom we work closely. Diamonds in this category are posted to our website with a basic set of information including carat weight, dimensions, color, and clarity and in most cases a viewable lab report.  We can also source diamonds available on the world market that may not be listed on our website.
At Whiteflash we protect our clients by performing full evaluation and quality control on every diamond and jewelry item we sell, in accordance with our industry leading ISO 9000 certification.  We never “drop ship” anything.  Our Virtual Selection Service entails the same comprehensive gemological inspections and light performance imaging evaluations that we provide on our in-house diamonds.  It works like this:
Virtual Diamonds Fancy Shapes
If you find a diamond of interest in our Virtual Selection category, one of our diamond consultants will provide you with the available information and help you decide if that diamond matches your needs.  If you decide to have the diamond brought in you will be sent an order confirmation. Shipping, insurance and our comprehensive gemological review and performance image package are provided at no cost to you!
Upon receipt of your payment we will have the manufacturer ship the diamond to Whiteflash where it will undergo careful review by Whiteflash gemologists. Should any problems be discovered with the diamond such as chips or scratches, or anything inconsistent with the lab certificate, you will be advised. Upon passing inspection the diamond will be sent to our photography department for actual photographs and light performance imaging including ASET and IdealScope, and HD video. Your diamond consultant will then forward you all the results of our analysis for your approval. You will then have two business days to determine how you wish to proceed. You may elect to take delivery on the loose diamond in order to invoke the 10-day approval policy, waive the approval process and go to production, or return the diamond to the supplier.
Virtual Diamonds Fancy Shapes ASET

High Definition Video

In addition to the technical light performance diagnostics, you will also be supplied with a 360 HD Video so that you can see the dynamic light handling capabilities of the diamond. The video will let you appreciate a tangible perspective of the quality and beauty of your diamond.
Virtual Diamonds Fancy Shapes Glamour
If for any reason you decide not to proceed with the purchase, 100% of your payment will be refunded within five business days. (You may also elect to use your payment towards another diamond, if you should choose to do so).
Virtual diamonds that we list or that we source for you are typically available, but they are always subject to prior sale up to the point that your funds are received. Should the stone be unavailable, at your option we will either refund your payment or attempt to find a comparable diamond.
*Note: Customers visiting the Whiteflash Showroom will be given the opportunity to directly observe the diamond through our light performance viewers.  Photographic images are available upon request but will require additional processing time.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Our goal is to ensure that your diamond is completely verified and tested and that you end up with the diamond that is perfect for you. So, whether you go with an in-house diamond or one that we source for you, you will always receive the full benefit of careful Whiteflash inspection, analysis and professional advice.
Diamonds from our Virtual Selection category come with a complete satisfaction 10-day inspection and return policy.  Upon receiving your diamond, if you are not completely satisfied with the diamond for any reason simply call customer service and receive a return authorization number (RAN) and instructions for securely shipping the diamond back to Whiteflash. Returns must be postmarked within the inspection period which begins the day the diamond is available for you to pick up. A refund will be processed promptly for the full amount of the return less the cost of shipping and insurance.

Diamonds and Settings

If your Virtual Selection diamond is part of an order that will not be delivered within the 10 day inspection period, you will have the option to first take delivery of the loose diamond for the purposes of your inspection period and return it to us to complete your order, or you may elect to waive your inspection period so that your order may proceed without delay. Please contact your diamond consultant or customer service for any questions regarding our services or policies.

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