Whiteflash Certified Diamond Categories

Whiteflash features four categories of diamonds including three in-house categories of owned inventory, fully vetted, analyzed, and ready for immediate delivery. A brief description of each category is provided below, with links to more in-depth information.
Whiteflash offers more in-stock ideal cut diamonds in the most desirable sizes and qualities than any other retailer. These diamonds are posted to the website with a comprehensive package of diagnostic images including 360 HD video, and are available exclusively at Whiteflash. All in-house diamonds also feature our popular 100% Lifetime Trade-up Benefit, in addition to our industry-best assurance package.
At the pinnacle of our diamond offerings is the incomparable A CUT ABOVE® Super Ideal in both Round Hearts and Arrows and Princess Cut. These are the ‘best of the best”, and internationally recognized as being among the finest diamonds ever brought to market. Whiteflash is the developer and sole distributor of A CUT ABOVE® diamonds.
Just below our Super Ideal brand sits a pair of ‘sister’ categories; Expert Selection and Premium Select. Both of these categories feature diamonds of exceptional quality. Expert Selection features AGS Ideal diamonds that narrowly missed making A CUT ABOVE® for technical reasons, and Premium Select features GIA Triple Excellent diamonds with proven cut quality and optical precision.
In addition to our three in-house diamond categories Whiteflash offers a fourth category of diamonds available from the world market. Our Virtual Selection category is composed of diamonds in a variety of  shapes, sizes, and qualities that are owned by manufactures and distributors with whom we have working relationships. For customers seeking diamonds apart from our own inventory, we provide access to these diamonds, as well as detailed inspection and evaluation, through our Virtual Diamond Service.
As proud members of the American Gem Society and one of the few retail jewelers in the world certified for ISO 9000 Total Quality Management, we strive to give our customers total confidence in their diamond purchases.
Hearts and Arrows Diamonds
Hearts and Arrows Diamonds
Hearts and Arrows Diamonds
Hearts and Arrows Diamonds


Our A CUT ABOVE® brand is a globally recognized Super Ideal and consists of both round and princess cut diamonds. Rounds are cut to a narrow subset of AGS Ideal specifications and feature perfect Hearts and Arrows patterning and Optical Symmetry. Hearts and Arrows images are posted to the website for all A CUT ABOVE® Round Super Ideal Diamonds. A CUT ABOVE® Princess diamonds are screened for any issues that may compromise light performance or durability. Because the precise facet configuration of the princess can vary, expert visual evaluation further ensures superb aesthetics.
In order to achieve the A CUT ABOVE® designation, a diamond must first receive the coveted Platinum Triple Ideal certificate from the American Gem Society Laboratory (AGSL) - the ultimate cut quality pedigree from the most stringent gemological laboratory in the world. In addition, candidates for the A CUT ABOVE® brand must pass a host of additional evaluations including light performance imaging tests and physical examinations by a panel of Whiteflash gemologists. Whiteflash is the only company to publish the exact qualifications and specifications of the brand.

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Hearts and Arrows Diamonds
Hearts and Arrows Diamonds
Hearts and Arrows Diamonds
Hearts and Arrows Diamonds

A CUT ABOVE® Collection Series

The ultra-elite subset of our super ideal brand is the A CUT ABOVE® Collection Series. Diamonds in the colorless range (DEF) and either Internally Flawless or with only microscopic inclusions (IF-VVS), are at the pinnacle of rarity. When combined with super ideal precision cutting, they are the highest performing and most beautiful diamonds in the world.
There are cultural, emotional, and rational reasons why these diamonds are desirable and sought after. While the price premium is significant, when it comes to diamonds many buyers want nothing less than the very best that money can buy.

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Expert Selection

The Expert Selection category features AGS certified ideal cut diamonds of outstanding quality. As the name implies this is a very select collection of diamonds possessing outstanding light performance and exceptional beauty. Many diamonds in our Expert Selection category narrowly missed the stringent requirements of our A CUT ABOVE® Super Ideal brand.
In addition to having the highest cut quality grade awarded by AGS Laboratories, Expert Selection diamonds must have Hearts and Arrows optical precision.

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Premium Select

The Premium Select category can be thought of as the GIA version of Expert Selection.
As the name suggests, the diamonds in this category are of premium quality. In order for a diamond to qualify as Premium Select, it must have the top grade for cut quality awarded by GIA - Triple Ex. In addition, rounds in this category also must possess optical precision to a level exhibiting distinct Hearts and Arrows patterning.

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All diamonds in our A CUT ABOVE®, Expert Selection and Premium Select categories are in-stock and are available for immediate delivery. They are displayed along with extensive gemological information including the laboratory report, and augmented by actual magnified pictures and HD videos of the diamond as well as a variety of diagnostic light performance imaging.

Virtual Selection

In addition to our three in-house categories of diamonds described above, we provide access to the entire global market through our Virtual Selection category. This category consists of a large pool of diamonds representing the aggregated inventories of dozens of manufacturers and dealers with whom Whiteflash works closely.
We receive daily updates and post those diamonds to our website with the information that is available. In addition to the diamonds listed in this category, we can access tens of thousands of diamonds not posted to our website. As part of our comprehensive Virtual Selection Service, we locate and advise on these Virtual Inventory items and can make arrangements for the diamonds to be brought in to Whiteflash for our full gemological work up.
Whether you buy a diamond from our own inventory or one from one of our worldwide suppliers, as part of our value proposition you will always receive the benefit of our entire quality control system including gemological verification and evaluation with light performance imaging.

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